9 Best Facebook Lite App Tips & Tricks To Use It Like A Pro

The Facebook Lite app, announced in 2015, is a great alternative to the main Facebook app. With a size less than 2MB, you can use it independently of the default application. I feel it’s cleaner than the original app. Of course, it lacks some features available in the original Facebook app, but it won’t let you down. Check out the tips mentioned in this post below for using the app like a pro.

The Lite app is a toned-down version of the main Facebook app. It is designed for low end devices with limited RAM (less than 1GB) and storage (approximately 8GB), and places with grade 2G internet connectivity. If you’ve recently switched to the Lite app or have been using it for a while, the following resources will help you out.

Let’s look at the tips and tricks to use the Lite Facebook app in the best way possible.

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1. Activate dark mode

Some people cannot live without dark mode in their applications. And if you’re one of them, the Facebook Lite app will please you with its dark mode.

To turn on dark mode, tap the three-bar icon in the upper right corner of the Lite Facebook app. Scroll down the menu and activate the switch next to dark mode. To disable dark mode, turn off the switch.

2. Change app font size

If you compare Facebook and its Lite app, you’ll instantly notice some wonderful differences. That’s because the Lite app has a smaller font compared to the main Facebook app. Even more importantly, it allows you to change the font size for the app.

To do this, tap the three-bar icon at the top and go to Settings.

Click on the font size under Account Settings. Select the font size of your choice.

3. View Recent Entries First

One annoying thing about Facebook and other social media apps is the forced implementation of showing top posts instead of chronologically ordered posts. Fortunately, you can change this behavior in the app and view new posts. Unlike the main Facebook app, recent posts in the Lite app will appear on the main screen itself instead of opening a new screen.

To view posts in the order they were published, tap the Lite app’s three-bar icon. Then tap the More Cans option. Launch the app again to see the change.

4. Activate Data Saver

The Facebook Lite app is designed to reduce data usage. You can further reduce data usage by enabling the built-in data saver. This will reduce image quality, which will help you use less data.

To enable data saving in Facebook Lite, tap the three-bar icon to open the menu. Scroll down and go to Data Usage. Activate the switch next to Data Saver.

5. Disable Auto Play Video

Another way to save data is to disable auto-playing videos in the Facebook Lite app. To do this, go to Settings from the three-bar icon. Scroll down and tap the Autoplay video under Media & Contacts.

Turn off the switch next to the Autoplay videos over Wi-Fi. This means you’ll have to toss the play button on the videos to see them and they won’t start playing automatically while you’re scrolling through the feed.

6. Use Messenger Inside Lite App

If your phone is low on storage, you can uninstall the Facebook Messenger app from it. You might be wondering how am I going to use Messenger? Well, you don’t need a separate Messenger app with Facebook Lite. You can use it within the Lite app. Tap the Messenger icon at the top to go to your inbox.

7. Clear Search History

By tapping on the search bar in the Facebook Lite app, you will be shown the search history. Fortunately, you can easily remove any of the search terms from the list. To do this, tap the Edit text next to the Search Recent option. Click Clear Polls to delete the entire story. To remove a particular item, tap the cross icon next to the search entry.

8. Mute Sound

When you use the Lite app, you will notice that using some buttons will produce a sound effect. If this bothers you, disable it in the settings.

To do this, go to Facebook Lite Settings and tap on Sound. Turn off the switch to Sounds.

9. Open profile quickly

Normally, if you want to view your Facebook profile, you have to hit the three-bar icon in a row by clicking the View Your Profile button. Additional steps can be avoided in the Lite app. Here are two options to access your profile quickly.

First, you’ll find the profile icon in the top left corner of the app. Second, taping your profile picture icon next to ‘Write something here’ will take you to your profile.

Lite is not the light

These are some of our favorite features of the Lite Facebook app. There is, of course, the possibility that we have overlooked something. Do you know of a tip we didn’t include? Or are you experiencing a problem while using the app? Let us know in the comments below.


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