Add or Remove Strikethrough Text in Google Docs

Google Docs is an incredibly streamlined word processor that provides a compact user interface for a distraction-free writing experience. But sometimes the web application can feel too restricted. Unlike its rival Microsoft Word, you don’t have access to many text formatting options on the Google Docs toolbar. And a notable omission is the means to add or remove drag text.

The ability to target through text can be incredibly useful when you want the original text to be related to any revisions that need to be followed before any edits are finalized. Strikethrough formatting is useful when collaborating on documents with others, especially if you don’t like the suggestion mode in Google Docs.

Despite the lack of a visible option, Google Docs supports the strikethrough text functionality. Let’s start by reviewing what you should do to add or remove deleted text from the Google Docs web app on your desktop. Next, we’ll look to do the same in the Google Docs mobile app for Android and iOS.

Add Strikehrough Text-Google Docs

There are a few ways you can go tapping text in Google Docs on Windows and macOS. The first method is to delve into the word processor’s menu format—it’s quite tedious to use when efforts are made to repeat. But, it’s always better to get a feel for where you find the format option within the web app. The second method is much faster, especially if you like using keyboard shortcuts.

1. Use the Format menu

Start by highlighting the part of text you want to target.

Once that’s done, open the Format menu, point to Text and then click Strikethrough.

And voila! Google Docs will format the highlighted text accordingly.

Note: Unlike Microsoft Word, you cannot target multiple non-contiguous non-contiguous parts of Google Docs simultaneously.

2. Use keyboard shortcut

Highlight the part of text that requires formatting. If you are using a Windows PC, run the keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift + 5 to get the text right. On Mac, use the command + Shift + X click instead.

Remove text from Google-Documents

Removing strikeout text involves performing the same actions you would use to add them first. You can use the Strikethrough option within the Format menu or your keyboard shortcut to remove the crossed-out text.

1. Use the Format menu

Highlight the text part of the strikeout.

Open the Format menu, point to Text and then click Strikethrough.

Google Docs will remove the strikeout format.

2. Use keyboard shortcuts

Highlight the text, then press Alt+Shift+5 (Windows) or Command+Shift+X (Mac) to remove the strikeout format.

Striking Through Text no Google Docs no Android e iOS

On the Android and iOS versions of Google Docs, attention through text can be easy or a little tricky depending on whether you’re using a tablet or smartphone.

If you use Google Docs on a tablet (such as an iPad), you will most likely see a dedicated Strikehrough icon (the letter S with a line in the center) located at the top of the screen.. Highlight the required part of the text and, then tap the Strikethrough icon to hit the text.

On smartphones, you must clip the shape icon (the letter A with four lines) located in the upper right corner of the screen. This should reveal the Strikehrough-click option to add strikeout format.

Removing clicks from the text is similar to adding them: highlight the text and then tap the Strikehrough icon at the top of the screen or the Strikehrough option in the Format menu.

Strikethrough Text-What to Look Out For

When you get attention through text, there are two things that check. First of all, the text still appears in the final word count. If the document must meet a set number of words, you should delete any deleted text to get an accurate word count.

Second, you can expect the strikeout format to take place if you plan to convert a document to an alternate file format. However, the TXT format is an exception, where missing-of-clubs are found. Plain text cannot be formatted, so this is something you should consider. But for the other output formats that Google Docs supports (DOCX, PDF, EPUB, etc.), there’s nothing to worry about.

Send your comments to Google

Striking through text in Google Docs is pretty transparent once you get the hang of things. However, you may not like diving into the Format menu or running the triple key shortcut by adding or removing cross-click text each time. While there’s nothing you can do to get a dedicated Strikehrough icon on the Google Docs toolbar, the best thing you can hope for is to submit your feedback to Google and place a feature request.

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