How to click on iMessage and other tips

Apple is often inspired by popular third-party apps and services to integrate new features into iOS for iPhone. And the latest iOS 14 continues that trend, at least this is visible in the iOS 14 public beta. iOS 14 messaging will bring some much-needed features and changes to compete with other messaging rivals. Like WhatsApp and Telegram, you can now Pin conversations to iMessage. So all your iMessage groups and personal message chats can be fixed at the top.

We get dozens of messages from friends, family, banks, marketing companies every day. Sometimes the most important messages get into these irrelevant messages. With iOS 14, one can easily fix conversations at the top for easy access and reach.

The default messaging app now comes with many customization options, and it has already loaded features from the popular Microsoft SMS Organizer app. The Messaging app now offers filters to make it easier for users to find the most relevant messages easily.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to set up or deselect the conversation in iMessage, edit those conversations, and more. Let’s start.

How to Pize Conversations in iMessage

There are three ways to fix conversations in the Messaging app. You can use the swipe gesture, use a long-click option, or select multiple conversations at once and click on the top. Follow the steps below to tag conversations in the Messaging app.

Step 1: Unlock iPhone and open the Messaging app.

Step 2: Swie right into a conversation you want to set up.

Step 3: You will see a yellow Pin icon. Tap it, and iOS will put the selected conversation at the top.

Users can also press hard in any conversation and open the small chat window with various options. You can select the Pin conversation, and the Message app will be painted on the selected conversation at the top.

These tricks work well, but they’re most useful when you want to set up a single conversation.

What if a user wants to set up multiple conversations at once? In these cases, you can take the following steps to tag multiple conversations at once in the Messaging app.

Step 1: Unlock iPhone and open the Messaging app.

Step 2: Click on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Select the ‘Edit Pins’ option from the menu below.

Step 4: Messages will give you the option to set up multiple conversations at once. You will see the same Yellow Pin icon on the right side of each conversation.

Step 5: Select the Pin icons you want to fix at the top.

Apps like WhatsApp and Telegram pin the conversations at the top with a small Pin icon indicator. Apple’s implementation is different and somehow better than WhatsApp and Telegram.

When you walk away from a conversation in the Messaging app, you’ll see a users’ rounded profile avatar. I like and prefer that compared to the WhatsApp implementation.

Advantages of conversations defined in the messaging app

You can improve the messaging experience by fixing conversations at the top. There are three advantages to using conversations placed in the Messaging app.

You can easily access the most used conversations at the top. When you’re in an active chat using iMessage, you’ll see a recording indicator at the top of your profile whenever the other person is writing the message. This is also true for normal conversations. But it looks cool in a steady conversation. It is not possible to see the recording indicator in a normal message.

You may see a small preview of an unread message at the top of the profile picture in a pinned conversation.

How many conversations can you make in the messaging app

Users can correct up to nine conversations in the Messaging app. The app will release a bug when you try to place more than nine conversations on top. You will be asked to weave the conversation to add a new conversation at the top.

Talking about removing placed conversations, let’s look at how to unlock conversations in the Messaging app.

How to undo the conversation in the messaging app

There are a couple of ways to remove the fixed conversation in the Messaging app. You can use the long click feature or choose the Edit Pins menu to get things done.

Long-press on the profile icon and open a small window with various options to choose from. You can Unmark the person, Hide alerts or delete the conversation. Select the Unpin option to remove the conversation from the top.

Apple also lets you deselect multiple conversations at once. Select the three-dot menu at the top and select ‘Edit Pins’.

The following interface will allow you to click the ‘-‘ icon on the tagged profile picture. Tap it and the system will trigger the conversation in the Messaging app.

Keep Conversations At The Top

The ability to keep the conversation going in the Messaging app has long been sold on the iOS system. Glad to see Apple finally adding the option with the iOS 14 update for the iPhone. The company’s implementation is also better than rivals like WhatsApp and Telegram.

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