How to rename Spotify Playlist on Mobile and Desktop

Playlists play an important role in music streaming apps like Spotify. They help us organize our music collection depending on its genre, mood and similar factors. The organization would not make sense if all playlists had the same name. Luckily, that’s not the case. You can name your playlists according to your preference at any time. Let’s see how to rename Spotify playlists in this post.

Previously, Spotify’s ability to rename playlists was only available in Spotify’s desktop app. Now you can rename your playlists from any device. Be it Android, iPhone, iPad, desktop (Windows and Mac), and even the Spotify web player. Read through to see if playlist name affects song recommendations.

Note: You must own a playlist to rename it.

How to rename Spotify playlist on Android

here’s how to do it

Step 1: Launch the Spotify Android app on your phone.

Step 2: Tap on the library tab at the bottom. Your playlists will be displayed. Tap the playlist you want to rename.

Step 3: Then click on the three dot icon in the top right corner of the playlist. Select Rename Playlist from the menu.

Step 4: Enter a new name and click the Rename option.

Alternatively, keep the playlist name in the Library section. Select Edit Playlist from the menu that appears.

Enter the new playlist name in the available box and click Save.

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How to rename Spotify Playlist on iPhone and iPad

Step 1: Open the Spotify app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Tap on the library present on the bottom of the iPhone and on the left side of the iPad.

Step 3: Tap on the playlist whose name you want to edit and change.

Step 4: Hit the little three dot icon present under the playlist name. Select Rename from the menu.

Step 5: Enter the name you want and click the Rename button.

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How to rename playlist in Spotify Web Player

The steps for editing and renaming the playlist in Spotify web player are:

Step 1: Open the Spotify web player in any browser on the system. Log in with your Spotify account details.

Step 2: You will find playlists under the left sidebar. Right-click on the playlist whose name you want to change. Select Rename from the menu.

Step 3: The playlist name will be editable. Enter the new playlist name and click anywhere to save the change.

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How to rename playlist in Spotify desktop app

The steps are:

Step 1: Open the Spotify desktop app.

Step 2: Your playlists will be present in the left sidebar. There are two ways to rename the playlist.

In the first method, right-click on the playlist name and select Edit Details.

Alternatively, click once on the playlist name to open it. Then click on the three dot icon present next to the Play button. Select Edit Details from the menu.

Step 3: Both methods will bring up the Edit Playlist Details window. Enter a new name for your playlist in the Name box. You can even add a description or notes to your playlist to easily identify them. Click on the Save button.

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Makes playlist name impact song recommendations

Spotify recommends songs within their playlists too. These recommendations are based on various aspects including the title of the playlist, and the songs about it.

So if you rely heavily on Spotify’s automated recommendations to add songs to your playlist, keep a related name that is identified with the songs in it rather than a completely random name.

Bonus Tip: What you name your Spotify playlist name

Giving your Spotify playlists a unique and interesting name can be difficult at times. Instead of finding it yourself, work for a playlist generator website like


The website allows you to select the mood of your playlist and the genre of your music.

Based on the set attribute for the two fields, it will generate interesting playlist names. You can even search for similar playlists on Spotify using the ‘Search from Spotify’ button available. Awesome, right?

Spotify Playlists and Voice Assistants

If you use Spotify with voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant and smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo, it uses simple playlist names. This makes it easy for voice assistants to easily recognize and detect your playlists. Avoid adding special characters to the playlist name or keep the same name. For example, refrain from having Black Panther 1, Black Panther 2 and playlists with repeating names for the best experience.

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