How to use WhatsApp QR codes to add contacts

Adding people to WhatsApp has always been a skewed account. It’s as easy as adding a contact on your phone, but the whole process of tapping digits, saving the number, looking up contact on WhatsApp, and finally being able to send them is tiring. Fortunately, the process was smoothed with the introduction of QR codes in WhatsApp. Now you can add your friends or others by scanning your WhatsApp QR code.

Previous one had to use third party services to create a QR code for WhatsApp. But the same functionality is present inside WhatsApp now. Seen in WhatsApp Beta versions first, WhatsApp users can now use QR codes.

If you are curious about WhatsApp QR codes, we will guide you on how to use WhatsApp QR codes to add people in this post. Let’s start.

What WhatsApp QR Codes Are

WhatsApp QR codes are codes that can be used to add people to WhatsApp without manually entering their numbers. You need to scan the QR code, and WhatsApp will offer the option to save the contact. After saving it, the chat window will automatically open.

For the unconscious, WhatsApp offers three different QR codes-personal QR code, group QR code and WhatsApp web code. While the first is to add personal contacts, the second helps in inviting group members. We’ll cover the first one here. The third, which handles the WhatsApp web, is completely different from the other two. It is used to log into the WhatsApp web from the desktop.

WhatsApp QR codes do not remove the hassle of adding a contact before sending them messages. It is still necessary. You can use the Click to chat feature of WhatsApp to send messages to someone on WhatsApp without saving their number.

Supported devices for WhatsApp QR codes

WhatsApp QR codes can be created and scanned from mobile apps only (Android and iOS). The feature is not available for the WhatsApp web.

Note: Update your WhatsApp app if QR code feature is missing from your phone.

How to create WhatsApp QR code for your number

To generate your WhatsApp QR code, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on your mobile.

Step 2: On Android, tap the three dot icon at the top and go to Settings. You will find the QR code icon next to your name. Touch it.

On iOS, tap the Settings tab at the bottom. Then tap the QR icon next to your name.

Step 3: You will be taken to the QR code screen. Here you will find your QR code. If a person is with you, you can scan the code directly as shown below.

Here’s what the screen looks like on iOS.

How to share WhatsApp QR code with others

To send your WhatsApp QR code to others, you can take a screenshot of QR code screen or use the native sharing feature in WhatsApp.

For the latter, tap the share icon at the top of the QR code screen on Android or iPhone. Select the app from which you want to send the QR code image to other people. You can share via email, other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc. or even via WhatsApp.

How to add WhatsApp contacts using QR code

To add someone to WhatsApp using your QR code, you need to scan their code. To do this, open WhatsApp Settings and tap the QR icon.

On Android, tap the scan code tab to open the scan screen.

On iOS, tap the scan button.

point the camera towards the QR code to enter it. Make sure the code fits inside the green scan box. To scan the QR code received via other apps on the same phone, tap the gallery icon in the lower left corner. Access the QR code image and select it.

WhatsApp will detect the code’s contacts and ask you to add them to your contacts. Click Add to Contacts.

Add the relevant contact details for the next screen. After saving the changes, the new contact will open in WhatsApp showing a message that the contact was added via QR. You can start sending messages from the person.

Note: If the person’s contact exists in your phonebook, their chat window will open directly without prompting you to save the contact.

You can use their phones’ built-in feature (if available) to scan WhatsApp QR as well. For example, if you point your iPhone camera towards WhatsApp QR, it will display a link. Hit it to send a message to the person. Likewise, Samsung mobile phones also offer QR codes on their camera. Mine offers a separate app to scan QR code. You can also use Google Lens on any Android phone to scan WhatsApp code to add people.

How to revoke QR code on WhatsApp

Anyone who has your QR code can type it in and send you a message. So share with trusted contacts for personal numbers only.

If your QR code is shared with people you don’t want to have, you can disable the existing code. To do this, it opens the QR code screen in WhatsApp by going to Settings and tapping the QR icon. Then tap the top three dot icon on Android and choose the Reset QR code.

Note: You can reset unlimited time code.

On iOS, tap the Reset QR code.

When resetting the QR code, anyone who scans the above code will see ‘The QR code message is no longer valid’ when scanning.

A new QR code needs to be shared with others. To do this, just reopen the QR code screen after resetting the existing QR code. Your new QR code will be automatically generated.

More ways to use WhatsApp QR codes

In the above method, you need to navigate to the settings first to access the WhatsApp QR code. If this feels unnatural, there are two more ways-WhatsApp Camera and Contacts.

Adding WhatsApp contacts from camera

QR code scanning functionality is baked inside WhatsApp camera as well. Tap the Camera tab at the bottom of iOS. On Android, tap the WhatsApp camera icon in the top left corner. Point the camera towards the QR code or add an image containing the QR code to add the number.

Tip: Get access to WhatsApp camera quickly by keeping the WhatsApp icon on your home screen. Select Camera from the menu.

Add WhatsApp contacts from new chat screen

You will also find the QR code option within the new chat screen. On Android, tap the new chat icon at the bottom in WhatsApp. Tap the QR code icon on the next screen. The rest of the functionality remains the same.

On iOS, go to the Chats tab at the bottom. Tap the new chat icon at the top. Choose New Contact.

Tap on Add via QR Code.

Use WhatsApp QR Codes Effectively

QR WhatsApp QR codes reduce the effort of writing numbers. Make the process continually strive to add contacts even for non-techie people like parents or grandparents who only have to scan the code now. QR codes also make life easier in general. Unfortunately, very few people use them in their everyday lives. We hope it changes with WhatsApp.

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